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Trace Network Operations - Holistic Service Monitoring

Holistic Service Monitoring with Infosim® StableNet® and Cubro Omnishark

Problem Statement

  • Current network management tools are not application- or service- aware
  • The "right" metrics or key performance indicators are not available to solve immediate issues
  • The "zoo of tools" - too many network tools and dashboards
  • Multi-vendor mix of new and legacy technologies


  • StableNet® has all the information (cross-vendor and -technology) related to the infrastructure, Layer 1 to Layer 4
  • Cubro offers information from L3 to L7.
  • Together a joint solution can provide L1 to L7 visibility

Joint Solution Benefits

  • Cubro TAPs and Packet Brokers are the ultimate source of truth: For security and vulnerability scanning, application, Quality of Experience, and troubleshooting.
  • Unified service visibility across technologies, vendors and protocol layers
  • StableNet® provides a highly automated network management platform which includes Discovery, Configuration, Fault and Performance Management combined with Omnishark application visibility and rich metrics under a single platform
  • Focused, on-demand packet capture and analysis with over 10,000 metrics to solve the most complex issues
  • Extensive operations integration and workflow automation capabilities

Overcoming Pain Points

1. I already have too many network management tools with high support and maintenance fees

This is exactly the pain point that the combined Infosim® and Cubro solution will solve. 

Real-world examples show large enterprises can save $millions by consolidating onto a single comprehensive platform. Consolidation can be done over time.

2. My bandwidth is too high for Packet Capture

Cubro’s advanced application-oriented filtering technology means you only capture the packets you need, when you need them.

Cubro’s visibility solutions deliver packets to tools like Network Detection and Response that require them but can also generate enriched metadata records and further compressed flow data records to meet a variety of monitoring requirements.

Trace Network Operations

We provide a SaaS rental service model for medium/large enterprises, governments, mobile and multiple service operators, health care, manufacturing, finance and educational institutions worldwide.

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