Infosim is a software company that specializes in providing network and service management solutions for telecommunications and enterprise networks. Their flagship product, "StableNet," is designed to help organizations effectively manage and monitor their complex network infrastructures.

StableNet offers a comprehensive set of features to address various aspects of network and service management, including:

  1. Network Monitoring: The solution provides real-time monitoring of network devices, systems, and applications. It collects performance data, identifys potential issues, and enables proactive troubleshooting to maintain network uptime and stability.

  2. Service Assurance: StableNet allows organizations to monitor the quality and availability of their services from end-user perspectives. It helps ensure that critical services meet predefined service level agreements (SLAs) and provides insights into service performance for better decision-making.

  3. Configuration Management: The solution facilitates centralized configuration management for network devices, reducing the risk of configuration errors and enhancing network security and compliance.

  4. Fault Management: StableNet detects and alerts IT teams about network faults and abnormalities. It helps streamline incident response by providing information about the root causes of issues.

  5. Performance Management: The solution offers comprehensive performance monitoring, reporting, and analytics capabilities to optimize network performance and resource utilization.

  6. Topology Visualization: StableNet provides graphical representations of network topologies, enabling administrators to understand network relationships and dependencies better.

  7. Automation and Orchestration: The solution supports automation and orchestration of various network management tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

  8. Scalability and Flexibility: Infosim has designed StableNet to be scalable and adaptable to different network environments, including large enterprise networks and complex service provider networks.

Overall, Infosim's StableNet aims to simplify the management of complex networks, improve network performance, and enhance the overall quality of services delivered to end-users.