Cubro is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of IT network visibility products that provide network monitoring, security and analytics visibility solutions for Service Providers and Enterprise networks. Cubro‘s product range includes Network TAPs, Advanced Network Packet Brokers, Network Probes and Bypass Switches. As transformational technologies like 5G, SDN/NFV, SD-WAN, virtualization, and IoT are being adopted, networks have become increasingly complex with additional ‘blind-spots’. 

Blind spots are network traffic that is not visible to network monitoring, security and analytics tools and can hide and obscure network performance and security threats. Today Service Providers and Enterprises must be able to see all of their data and applications in real time to secure and manage their growing networks and traffic demands while improving productivity and keeping watch for security attacks and leaks. 

Cubro solutions provide enhanced visibility and control of all data transiting an organization’s network and are instrumental in the successful outcomes of IT initiatives including: 

  • 5G/4G/3G Service Assurance and Customer Experience Management 
  • Digital Transformation (Cloud) 
  • Data Security 
  • Next Generation Data Centres (Virtualization) 
  • Software Defined Networking 
  • High performance